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Neutrófilos e Células Dendríticas

O grupo de Fabienne Tacchini-Cottier acaba de publicar uma ótima revisão a respeito do cross-talk (comunicação?) entre neutrófilos e células dendríticas, tema no qual o grupo tem experiência.
A revisão traz um resumo das informações sobre as condições em que neutrófilos induzem a ativação de células dendríticas versus as condições em que isso não acontece, em diferentes modelos.


Neutrophils are massively and rapidly recruited following infection. They migrate to the site of acute infection and also transiently to dLNs. In addition to their well-established role as microbial killers, accumulating evidence shows that neutrophils can play an immunoregulatory role. Neutrophils were recently shown to influence the activation of different leukocyte types including NK cells, B cells, and DCs. DCs are professional APCs playing a key role to the launching and regulation of the immune response; thus, crosstalk between neutrophils and resident or newly recruited DCs may have a direct impact on the development of the antigen-specific immune response and thereby, on the outcome of infection. Neutrophils may regulate DC recruitment and/or activation. We will review here recent progress in the field, including those presented during the first international symposium on "Neutrophil in Immunity", held in Québec, Canada, in June 2012, and discuss how neutrophil regulatory action on DCs may differ depending on the type of invading microorganism and local host factors.

ResearchBlogging.orgSchuster S, Hurrell B, & Tacchini-Cottier F (2012). Crosstalk between neutrophils and dendritic cells: a context-dependent process. Journal of leukocyte biology PMID: 23250891

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