terça-feira, 7 de maio de 2013

Latin-American workshop on molecular epidemiology applied to infectious diseases

Co-organized by the Institute of Tropical Medicine ‘Alexander von Humboldt’ (IMTAvH), Lima and the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM), Antwerp, Belgium. With the support of the Belgian Development Cooperation (DGD).

Scope and objectives
Infectious diseases are still a major public health threat worldwide, and particularly in developing countries where they are the leading cause of death, morbidity, and social and economic hardship. Every day, health professionals are confronted with the clinical and epidemiological diversity of infectious diseases. This diversity results from the interplay between several actors (host, pathogen, vector -if any-, environment).
Molecular biology techniques have become an integral component of infectious disease epidemiology as they have yielded novel information that would have been difficult, if not impossible to obtain by conventional laboratory methods. The term “molecular epidemiology” is not just molecular taxonomy, phylogeny, or population genetics, but the application of molecular biology tools to address epidemiologic questions. For instance, molecular techniques are essential for understanding the dynamics of disease transmission, and this knowledge can then be used to implement effective disease control measures. The use of increasingly powerful genotyping tools for characterizing pathogens, such as multilocus sequence analysis and whole genome sequencing, is facilitating infectious disease surveillance and outbreak investigations, as they can call attention to the emergence of strains with enhanced virulence or drug resistance, help identify risk factors associated with transmission of specific strains, or predict the effectiveness of public health measures such as vaccinations.
We aim in the present workshop to translate and disseminate the knowledge and practice in molecular epidemiology of tropical infectious diseases gathered at IMTAvH, in collaboration with ITM, to Latin American researchers. This workshop will bring together leading researchers and junior scientists active in the field of infectious diseases, to share experiences and technologies. In this scenario, the workshop is expected to promote south-south collaboration in infectious disease research in Latin America. 

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