segunda-feira, 26 de novembro de 2012

Sites importantes para mulheres cientistas

Important websites where every female scientist should have a profile

Other websites where it could be interesting for a female scientist to have a profile/be listed
*Websites interested in counteracting false sterotypes about scientists
*Women in science listings

Women in science on Twitter

Good tips about science communication

Where to create my blog

Good places to get a post hosted

Online communities
Science Grrl:

"As part of the discussions associated with the SpotOn discussion session on raising the profile of Women in Science, the organisers have put together a toolkit of useful resources for any female scientist looking to improve/promote her profile online.
This list of resources includes, “Important websites where every female scientist should have a profile” as well as tools for writing and social networking. You’re warmly invited to add your own links to blog posts, useful website, twitter lists and more."

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  1. Boa atitude! Discutir o papel da mulher na ciência.