sexta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2009

Fertile grounds, Brasil na Nature Jobs

Ricardo Khouri me alertou da publicação da Nature Jobs sobre o Brasil (Published in Nature461, 1308-1309 (28 October 2009) | 10.1038/nj7268-1308a). O título está acima, e tem um tom positivo. Logo depois:

“Can Brazil use its booming economy and abundant natural resources to become a life-sciences juggernaut? Gene Russo finds out.”

Em geral, o tom é positivo, mas não esconde os problemas. Veja

um trech:

At Fiocruz, a centre for developing health technology has been established, with a new building slated for completion in 2011 or 2012. "We're looking to establish something like incubators," says Claude Pirmez, Fiocruz's vice-president for research and reference laboratories. She anticipates that this will mean new products or perhaps research leading to clinical trials. But bureaucracies persist, and negotiating intellectual-property transfer can be difficult even at Embrapa. Grattapaglia fondly recalls his days at North Carolina State University where he completed his PhD, acquiring two patents based on his thesis paper alone.

Leia o artigo completo.

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