sexta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2010

Ciência do Brasil no Foco de notícias da revista Science

O título do artigo na Science é indicativo: 

Brazilian Science: Riding a Gusher.

Veja a matéria completa (aqui, acesso restrito).
Um trecho:
"The good times are lifting science, too. Between 1997 and 2007 the number of Brazilian papers in indexed, peer-reviewed journals more than doubled to 19,000 a year. Brazil now ranks 13th in publications, according to Thomson Reuters, having surpassed the Netherlands, Israel, and Switzerland. Brazil's universities awarded twice as many Ph.D.s this year as they did in 2001, and thousands of new academic jobs have opened up on 134 new federal campuses.
It's a reversal of fortune for a nation that during the 1990s was beset by dire economic problems. Back then, researchers scrounged for funds; Brazil even saw its flag removed from the logo of the International Space Station after it failed to come up with funding to build six components. “We kept thinking smaller and smaller,” says Sérgio Rezende, science minister for the past 5 years. “If we couldn't solve small problems, how could we solve big ones? Now we are in a position to think big again.”

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