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Prepare o seu paper para ser encontrado numa busca na rede

O San Francisco edit é um serviço de edição de manuscritos científicos. O que mais me chamou atenção neles é que produzem uma newsletter com textos muito úteis para várias etapas da publicação científica (veja uma lista parcial na figura acima).

A mais recente que recebi fala do tema deste post: "Optimizing Your Paper for a Search Engine"

"Optimizing your paper for academic and web based search engines will greatly increase its chance of being viewed and/or cited in another manuscript.
Nowadays, most research information, if not all, is retrieved online through search engines and databases.  It is therefore very important to provide good, descriptive keywords in you paper covering all the key concepts and contexts of your manuscript.
When you publish a paper, you can take measures to ensure your paper and research maximizes its potential within relevant academic networks.  The number of citations a paper receives helps to determine the impact of your research.  Even if your research is excellent, if no one finds your paper, it won’t be cited.  The closer your paper is to the number one search result, the more likely it will be read."

Os dois primeiros tópicos:

"Be descriptive: Keywords should describe as specifically as possible the topic about which you are writing.  Keywords should identify your topic, academic subdiscipline, methodology, and anything that describes your research.  Since it is not possible to optimize your manuscript with dozens of keywords, it is better to choose a few.
Choose your search terms carefully: Keywords should reflect a collective understanding of the subject.  They should not be very unique, technical, and only understood by a small number of experts."

Vale a pena explorar o site deles (aqui)

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