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Woods Hole no Brasil - Biology of Parasitism

Biology of Parasitism
November 4-9, 2012


Alan Sher (National Institutes of Health, USA)
Boris Striepen (University of Georgia, USA)
Maristela Camargo (University of São Paulo, Brazil)
Appllication Deadline:August 31st, 2012
Annoucement of Resutls: September 6th, 2012
Confirmation of Interest: September 14th, 2012
A unique course for advanced graduate students, postdocs, and independent investigators, who are seeking an opportunity for education and network in the study of protozoan and helminthic parasites. Limited to 50 students.
The focus of this course is on the molecular basis of parasite function and the host/parasite interaction with special emphasis on the most recent and exciting developments in these areas. The course consists of lectures and discussions at an informal and welcoming environment. About 22 invited speakers will give a lecture in their area of expertise and meet informally with students. These lectures will cover most of the systems and areas of active research in modern parasitology. The students will have the opportunity to network with faculty recognized as leaders in their respective fields.

Alan Sher, National Institutes of Health, USA
Boris Striepen, University of Georgia, USA
David Sacks, National Institutes of Health, USA
Phil Scott, University of Pennsylvannia, USA
Regina d'Imperio Lima, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Judith Allen, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Mauricio Rodrigues, Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jessica Kissinger, University of Georgia, USA
Paulo Pimenta, FIOCRUZ, Brazil
Norma Andrews, University of Maryland, USA
Kirk Deitch, Weill Cornell Medical College, USA
Lucille Floeter-Winter, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Carsten Wrenger, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Selma Jeronimo, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
John Boothroyd, Stanford University, USA
Rodrigo Correa-Oliveira, FIOCRUZ, Brazil
Jayne Raper, New York University, USA 

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