terça-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2013

Editorial do Lancet: "Neglected tropical diseases: progress and priorities"

Destaco alguns trechos do editorial do Lancet sobre Doenças Negligenciadas, com ênfase para a necessidade de um decidido apoio pela Assembleia Mundial da Saúde:

"This January marks the first anniversary of the London Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases—a coordinated effort by endemic countries, non-governmental organisations, drug companies, and donors to improve the lives of more than a billion of the world's poorest people by the end of the decade. A year on from the launch, the results look promising.  ...  However, the fight is far from over. WHO reports that dengue is now the world's fastest spreading tropical disease and “represents a pandemic threat”.
... In April, 2012, the Consultative Expert Working Group on Research and Development (R&D) recommended a framework for sustainable financing and coordination implemented through a legally binding convention. However, this week WHO's Executive Board has been asked to endorse a less ambitious plan by member states for a more vaguely defined WHO Observatory on Global Health R&D, which is weak on concrete action despite international consensus that the current R&D model needs revision. The 2013 World Health Assembly should be more ambitious and put back on the agenda the proposal for new global rules to secure sustained financing mechanisms for essential health R&D. The future elimination and eradication of neglected tropical diseases depends on it."
The Lancet (texto completo aqui)
The Lancet, Volume 381, Issue 9863, Page 268, 26 January 2013

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