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As reportagens mais lidas no SciDevNet em 2012

O SciDevNet publicou um post interessante no final de dezembro passado com as histórias mais lidas entre as publicadas lá.

Há várias realmente muito interessante como:
  How to tell policymakers about scientific uncertainty;
   Supporting grassroots innovation: Facts and Figures.

Destaco uma com experiência da Bahia
Brazil tests GM mosquitoes to fight dengue
Scientists in Brazil say an experiment to reduce populations of the dengue-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquito, by releasing millions of genetically modified (GM) insects into the wild, is working.
More than ten million modified male mosquitoes were released in the city of Juazeiro, a city of 288,000 people, over a period of time starting a year ago.”
“the project's co-ordinator, Aldo Malavasi, said they were "very positive".
"From samples collected in the field, 85 per cent of the eggs were transgenic, which means that the males released are overriding the wild population. This [should result] in the decrease of Aedes mosquitoes, and in the decrease of dengue transmission," he told SciDev.Net.
Malavasi is also the president of Moscamed — the Brazilian firm that produced the mosquitoes. The mosquitoes, which carry a gene which causes their offspring to die before reaching adulthood, were originally developed by the British firm Oxitec.”

Veja todo o post aqui.

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