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TEDMED: um TED dedicado à área da saúde

Temos colocado no site várias palestras do TED e hoje temos uma palestra do TEDMED. O que é TEDMED?  o site explica e coloquei um trecho no final do post.

Hoje a palestra (do TEDMED 2012) é sobre como o desarranjo da rede social das nossas proteinas é responsável pelas nossas enfermidades. O palestrante é feita por Albert-László Barabási um físico húngaro (trabalha nos EUA) e que nasceu na mesma região de Drácula (Transilvânia). Ele um pesquisador altamente reconhecido na área de pesquisa em sistemas complexos com afiliações em várias instituições de grande prestígio.

"TEDMED is a multi-disciplinary community of innovators and leaders who share a common determination to create a better future in health and medicine. So many of our great challenges in health and medicine are rooted in social and commercial causes as much as medical. We need everybody at the table for an inclusive conversation about how to get the future in health and medicine we all want.
Once a year at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, TEDMED curates an unusual and provocative program on the Opera House stage. The 3 ½ day program features brilliant short talks and stunning artistic performances that celebrate the power of unexpected connections to create important new possibilities.
The stage program allows us to recharge our brains, jumpstart new thinking, energize our work and worldview and alter how we imagine new possibilities forever.
1,800 leading thinkers and doers from across society are invited each year to form the delegation at our annual gathering. TEDMED is a place where the person sitting next to you is as important as the speaker on stage.
TEDMED believes that the future of health and medicine will be shaped by vital input from leading medical colleges, teaching hospitals, government agencies, and non-profit institutions around the world. And so, in a spirit of collaboration and information sharing, the entire TEDMED event is broadcast free to these institutions thanks to the generous support from our Partners. We call this TEDMED Live."

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