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Box 1: Creating an eye-catching poster: Simple guidelines for poster presentation

Mais dicas para fazer do seu poster um sucesso em congressos!!

Fonte: Nature Jobs
Presentations: Billboard science

Kendall Powell
Nature 483 , 113-115 (2012) doi:10.1038/nj7387-113a
Published online 29 February 2012
This article was originally published in the journal Nature

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Choose landscape (horizontal) over portrait (vertical) orientations.

Follow the recommended dimensions and instructions. Make sure you allow for white space and large fonts and images.

Use photographs, cartoons or illustrations to explain concepts. Limit the word count to 1,000 words.

Take great care in writing the abstract: conference attendees will identify posters to visit from the abstract book.

Make the title the punchline of the research—and make it intriguing. Consider placing an engaging image close by.

Titles and headings should be in a sans-serif font, such as Helvetica. Other text should be in a serif font such as Times New Roman, with a minimum size of 22 points.

Consider short bullet points for methods and conclusions.

Use black text on a white background. Red text can be used to draw attention, but avoid blue and yellow, which are hard to read.

Place figures in an obvious order, and consider using numbering. Figures should have a large headline with the main finding.

Enlarge the best piece of data and place it squarely in the middle at eye level.

Have someone else proofread the text.

Check the poster on a large computer screen at 100%, then step back half a metre from the screen.

If possible, project the poster onto a wall before printing it to check formatting at actual size.

Take a fine-line marker pen and white tape with you to the conference to fix any mistakes that you might have missed.

Don't pin viewers down with an exhaustive tour of the poster.

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