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Gates Foundation estimula jovens investigadores

As aprovações de projetos pela Gates Foundation, além da preferencia pelas idéias mais inovadoras, indicada na chamada, mostra também um claro estímulo aos pesquisadores jovens. O artigo How Bill Gates is turning the tables in favour of young researchers do Eureka Zone do Times on line chamou a atenção para esta tendência.

O texto é ilustrado por um gráfico que demonstra a maior taxa de aprovação por pesquisadores mais jovens.

Veja abaixo alguns dos projeos aprovados, e publicados na matéria do Times. A lista completa por ser vista no site do Grand Challenges.

Andrew Fung of University of California, Los Angeles: develop chewing gum that can detect malaria biomarkers in saliva. Simple means of identifying malaria sufferers through act of chewing by picking up traces of antigens produced in reaction to the disease, which can permeate through to body fluids other than blood.

Ranjan Nanda of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology in India: create a handheld “electronic nose” that analyzes breath samples to diagnose tuberculosis. Using evidence of animals being able to smell tuberculosis, and anecdotal reports of smell changes in clinics, as starting point for developing means of detecting key volatile compounds that signal disease.

Udantha Abeyratne of the University of Queensland in Australia: Use mobile phones to diagnose pneumonia. Devise means of using mobile phones and mp3 players to identify pneumonia cases with a sophisticated acoustic analysis of recorded cough sounds and breathing patterns.

Margaret Njoroge of Med Biotech Laboratories in Uganda: develop a vaccine that mothers pass on to babies. Use an intranasal vaccine designed to induce antibodies against malaria in breast milk and confer immunity on to their babies when they are suckled

Steven Maranz of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York: test the ability of chocolate compound to keep malaria at bay. Develop popular means of enhancing action of drugs with use of the compound flavonol, found in chocolate, to stimulate the immune system”

Ilustração do site da Gates Foundation

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