terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

Cuidado com a OMICA e testes genéticos

O blog Spoonful of Medicine da Nature Medicine publicou um post muito interessante sobre testes baseados na omica, relacionado ao lançamento de uma publicação do Institute of Medicine (da National Academies of Sciences).

"With an eye to advancing ‘personalized medicine’, clinicians have tried to predict who will respond to certain therapies using biomarkers gleaned from tests that probe genomics, proteomics and other branches of biomedicine. But according to a report from the US Institute of Medicine (IOM), such ‘omics-based’ tests require greater regulatory oversight and more transparent data-sharing before they should be allowed to move from the lab to the clinic."
"The report was commissioned by the US National Cancer Institute and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after a genomic test developed by Anil Potti and his colleagues at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina proved to be worthless. The test, reported in and then retracted from Nature Medicine, supposedly assessed the molecular traits of a malignant tumor to determine which chemotherapy would be most effective; it also triggered a storm of lawsuits and resignations. The IOM was tasked with determining how such a faulty test ever got through the regulatory and institutional review board systems."
Veja o post completo aqui.

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