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Proteste contra a draconiana lei anti-homossexual de Uganda

Recebi do colega Esper Kallas a msg abaixo sobre a petição internacional para a rejeição da lei anti-homossexual de Uganda. A lei prevê pena de morte para os homossexuais e para aqueles que não denunciarem os homossexuais.
A pressão internacional será muito importante. O Guardian noticiou que o presidente de Uganda reconheceu que o tema é de política internacional e pode reformar a lei:  "Uganda has indicated it will bow to international pressure and amend draconian anti-homosexual legislation that includes the death penalty for HIV-positive people convicted of having gay sex.

Breaking his silence on the controversial bill – which was put forward by a member of the ruling party – Uganda's president, Yoweri Museveni, said it had become a "foreign policy issue" and needed further consultation before being voted on in parliament."
Apesar do recuo do Presidente é necessário mais pressão para rejeitar inteiramente  a lei. Clique aqui para assinar a petição internacional.
Dear colleagues

"I am forwarding this message just received from my friend and colleague Michael Lederman regarding the outrageous bill in Uganda against homosexual behaviour.
Esper Kallas
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil"

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Michael Lederman
Date: Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 1:56 PM

Dear Colleagues:
You may have heard about pending legislation in Uganda that makes homosexual behavior, or knowledge about it, a crime punishable with death or imprisonment. The legislation would also make it a crime not to report a homosexual to the legal authorities, which would fundamentally compromise relationships between clinicians, researchers and patients. Our trials unit at Case Western Reserve University is horrified that such legislation is being considered, and we feel we must actively and vigorously protest this proposal.
The HIV Medicine Association and IDSA’s Center for Global Health Policy have agreed to collect signatures for a letter that was drafted by Mr. Robert Bucklew and staff at our unit to be sent to Uganda President Yoweri Museveni. Click here to read the letter and sign on. The deadline for signing on is close of business Monday, January 18th.
Please consider lending your name to the so that we can demonstrate the opposition of the scientific and medical communities to this grave threat to basic human rights. Please also consider distributing this petition to your colleagues.
Michael M. Lederman MD

Scott R. Inkley Professor of Medicine; Case Western Reserve University

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  1. sem duvida, eh mais uma insania de um mundo cada vez mais louco!

  2. Que mundo anacrônico vivemos! Lamentável. Todo repúdio. Luis Marcelo A Camargo ICB5/USP-RO