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Chamada do Medicines for Malaria Venture até o dia 16 de março

A oitava chamada do Medicines for Malaria Venture estará aberta até o dia 16 de março. Veja a noticia abaixo.
Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV)
8th Call for Letters of Interest

Medicines for Malaria Venture is a not-for-profit organization committed to the discovery, development and delivery of affordable anti-malarial drugs through public-private partnerships. We are looking towards the next generation of molecules which will power the agenda for the eradication of Malaria.
Three areas are highlighted:
(a) The development of new medicines to produce a radical cure by targeting the hypnozoite stages of Plasmodium vivax, (b) New medicines that in addition to working on the erythrocyte stages will also have activity against gametocytes therefore playing a role in transmission blocking and (c) The development of new Combination Therapies for uncomplicated malaria not involving Artemisinin or endoperoxides.
Discovery projects will be considered assuming they have reached the early Lead stage. (Compounds with an EC50<100nM in the infected Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte assay, selectivity to a mammalian cell line and demonstrated oral bioavailability and in vivooral efficacy in a rodent malaria model). We are particularly interested in molecules with predicted long half-lives in humans, or with effects on transmission blocking, or molecules targeting the hypnozoite forms of Plasmodium vivax.
Projects in clinical development are especially welcome. Medicines or new combinations with potential for development of new combination therapies, or target radical cure of Plasmodium vivax or transmission blocking are encouraged. Formulation developments that decrease the treatment period of Primaquine, or increases safety in G6PD deficient patients are a key priority.
Applications may be from single institutions or partnerships between academic centers and pharmaceutical companies.
The initial application should be by sending a letter of interest on thespecified template of no more than three pages electronically to:
Dr Ian Bathurst
E-mail: proposals [at]
Deadline: Applications should reach MMV by March 16th 2010.

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