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$10,000 Prize for New Scientists Without Borders Nutrition Challenge

Dear Scientists Without Borders Community Member:
I am writing to inform you of a very exciting new open innovation challenge that Scientists Without Borders is sponsoring which seeks solutions to the pressing global issue of micronutrient deficiency in women of childbearing years, and that offers up to $10,000 in awards for the most innovative ideas submitted. I urge you to learn more about the challenge, offer your creative solutions, and share it with your network of colleagues and friends.
As you are aware, undernutrition remains one of the most urgent and least addressed global health challenges, leading to an estimated 3.5 million preventable maternal and child deaths each year. Folic acid deficiency in women of child-bearing ages in the developing world is among the major contributors, causing failure of nervous system development that leads to infant death. Despite the weight of scientific evidence and the obvious need, effective treatments and tools to intervene have remained either unavailable or have failed to reach the women and children at greatest risk.
Recognizing this problem, Scientists Without Borders is seeking effective at-home or community-based solutions that would allow women to easily, affordably, and safely supplement or fortify their diets with Folic Acid in a manner that fits in with their lifestyle and routines and will not require significant behavioral or cultural adaptation.
The deadline for submissions is December 12, 2010Click here to learn more.
The winning solution will be published on the Scientists Without Borders web-based platform, and, if possible, will lead to further collaborative development of the solution.
To develop this Challenge and ensure the highest level of scientific rigor, Scientists Without Borders convened an independent Advisory Panel comprised of three of the world’s leading nutrition science and policy experts, who were vested with the authority to identify the appropriate parameters, specific focus area, and criteria for this Challenge. They will also participate in selecting the winning submission. Click here to read more about our Advisory Panel.
To issue this challenge, Scientists Without Borders, in conjunction with The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science at the New York Academy of Sciences, teamed up with InnoCentive, a leading open innovation company, to administer the Challenge, and PepsiCo to fund the prize. This partnership reflects our mutual commitment to utilize innovative approaches and leverage multi-sector resources in order to identify and implement solutions to global health problems.
In addition to this important challenge, the Scientists Without Bordersplatform is also currently hosting several additional important challenges in the areas of pharmaceutical development, clean water, and childhood cancer that have been posted by your fellow community members. These challenges also urgently need your resources and expertise, so please log in to help.
Warmest regards,
Shaifali Puri
Executive Director, Scientists Without Borders 

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