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SBI 2010 by Claire Santos

Post de Claire Santos
The XXXV Congress of the Brazilian Society for Immunology (Imuno2010 or ImunoTchê) was performed in Porto Alegre, from November 3th to 6th, 2010. The meeting´s program contemplated thematic sessions, oral presentations and poster sessions, and had a special attention to viral immunity. 

The most interesting conferences, for me, were:
1-Philippa Marrack from National Jewish Health, Denver,USA. She made the opening conference and talked about Sex and B cell. For her, the autoimmunity is controlled both by the environment and by genetic factors. She showed that the gender plays a profound role in the incidence of autoimmune diseases. 

2- Dario Zamboni from USP, Brazil participated in the session on “Immunity against intracellular bacteria” and talked about Inflammasome Activation in Response to Bacterial Infection. He described a novel pathway for iNOS activation dependent on caspase-1, which cooperate for the control of infection.

3-Sergio Lira from Mont Sinai, USA. He presented a conference about Viruses, inflammation and cancer. In this conference he showed that CMV infection leads to expression of US28, a constitutively active chemokine receptor, which has the ability to induce the development of cancer in transgenic mice.

In brief, the meeting had excellent scientific sessions and I had the opportunity to present, in oral presentation, my work Evaluation of CD8+ T cells in Localized Cutaneous Leishmaniasis patients, and I received good comments.

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