segunda-feira, 22 de novembro de 2010

Inovação Tecnológica no Brasil

Ainda da série enrolation, não chega a ser um post, apenas um estímulo para a leitura de dois artigos recentes:
The Economist publicou, no dia 18.11, The Brazilian model. Brazil needs to be more innovative to fulfil its promise of being the “country of the future” (aqui). 
"Brazil spends a paltry 1.1% of its GDP on research and development compared with 1.4% in China and 3.4% in Japan. Last year Brazil fell 18 places in Insead’s annual innovation index, from 50th to 68th. Worse still, its ratio of basic-product to manufactured-product exports was the highest since 1978. These figures confront Brazilians with a troubling question. Can their country become an innovator in its own right, or is its recent growth little more than a by-product of China’s appetite for commodities?"
por outro lado
"Some of Brazil’s commodity giants have also managed to add brains to muscles. Petrobras is a leader in deep-sea oil production. Farmers have presided over a productivity revolution with the help of Embrapa, a government-funded research corporation. Brazil is a leader not just in producing biofuels,..."
O outro artigo "Dilma e a inovação tecnológica", de Fernando Machado, foi publicado n'A Tarde (não tenho o enlace). Seguem dois trechos:


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