terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2009

Brasil: Tigre científico latino?

O colega José Augusto Aranha (Poli-USP) me enviou um artigo de Phil Baty no The Times Higher Education bastante interessante. Trata da situação da C&T no Brasil.

Olhe o que está escrito:

“Europe and the US could be sidelined if they fail to form research alliances with Brazil, writes Phil Baty”

“This is the warning from a study, The New Geography of Science, due out in July. Focusing on Brazil, it warns that established research powers remain "ignorant at their peril" of the growing strength of the Latin American giant, and will suffer economically if they fail to forge research alliances.”

Oh my god! Are they really talking about us?


just kidding?....

Leia mais.

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