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Immune attack!

Post de Theolis Bessa

PROCURA-SE gamers interessados em testar a nova versão deste jogo elaborado pela Federação dos Cientistas Americanos (FAS, Federation of American Scientists) desenhado para ajudar no ensino da imunologia para jovens. O projeto recebe financiamento do National Institutes of Health, e o jogo pode ser baixado gratuitamente por inscrição no site. Infelizmente ainda não funciona no Mac.


Vejam a mensagem dos idealizadores do jogo:

Evaluate Immune Attack 2011. We need YOU!

To participate, please Register below. The evaluation requires three 40-minute periods in a computer lab. You will need students and parents to sign consent forms. Your students will play Immune Attack or a control game once in week one and once in week two. Then your students will take an online survey in week two. Immune Attack works on any PC, with any versions of Windows (XP, Vista, and 7). Immune Attack does not work on the Macintosh operating system.

Our data shows that students are learning the basic principles of cell biology and immunology. We need to increase our numbers to answer some important questions, such as, so non-gamer also learn from Immune Attack, or are they put off by the need to learn to fly a microbot. (So far they are not.) Students like playing Immune Attack because it feels like a real video game, involves flying and shows real details of cells and proteins inside the body.

We need some younger students, 5th-6th grades as well. (We still want 7-12th graders, too!) We have found that 7th grade students are learning similarly to 12th graders. We know that 5th and 6th grade students enjoy playing Immune Attack, so we want to know whether the game teaches them anything. Please help out!


Email Melanie Stegman mstegman (at) FAS.org


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