domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Primeiro de abril na Science

Post de Theolis Bessa

Em homenagem ao 1° de abril, a Science publicou algumas das "falsas notícias científicas" circuladas em homenagem à data. Vou ter mais cuidado ao ler artigos científicos publicados em 1º de abril!...

Algumas são muito engraçadas. Enjoy!

April Fools' Roundup

In honor of April Fools' Day, there are some good fake science news stories circling the web today. Here are a few of our favorites:

Want to be your own Dr. Doolittle? Check out Google's new app, which " translates animal speech into human vernacular." (Be sure to watch the video.)

And speaking of apps, here's a story and a video about gorillas "going ape" over the new iPad . An important clue into primate behavior, or just a waste of time? As head keeper Phil Ridges says in the article, "We thought they would bang them on rocks but they carry them round as if they were babies."

Fossil buffs will be excited to learn about a new find unearthed at the Tower of London that could rewrite evolutionary history. Here's a clue: It's got a single, thin horn.

"Who needs a thumb drive when you can store data in your thumb?" announces this news story. It turns out there's a new program called Sparsh that lets you move files between devices by storing the data in your body. No word yet on how many gigabytes are available in the average human.

And hot on the heels of a Science paper that reported bacteria that use arsenic instead of phosphorus in their DNA, comes a new breed of sea monkeys found feasting on these bizarre bugs. Warning: these guys get violent if you mess with them.

Alas, we didn't run our own April Fools' story this year, but here are a couple of our past attempts to trick you:

"Science, Nature Team Up on New Journal"

"Pig-Footed Bandicoot Rises From the Dead"

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