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Oportunidades de fomento

Edital DRI/CGCI nº 16/2011 - Programa Capes/Marca: Mobilidade Docente
Edital DRI/CGCI nº 16/2011 visa apoiar projetos de parcerias universitárias, em nível de graduação, de instituições participantes do Programa Marca devidamente reconhecidas pelos respectivos sistemas educacionais. O Programa Marca tem como objetivos: contribuir para o fortalecimento da capacidade docente; estimular a aproximação das estruturas curriculares e o reconhecimento mútuo de créditos obtidos nas instituições participantes do Programa Marca; propiciar a troca de experiências em metodologias de ensino; e itensificar o intercâmbio cultural dos países envolvidos. 
No Brasil, a instituição responsável pelo programa é a Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (Capes), Ministério da Educação (MEC). Informações dos demais países podem ser encontradas nos seguintes linksArgentinaParaguaiUruguai, e Chile.
Data Limite: Inscrição das propostas: até 30 de junho de 2011. Home Page: Edital DRI/CGCI nº 16/2011 - Programa Capes/MARCA: Mobilidade Docente

MFPL Vienna International Post-Doctoral Training in Molecular Life Sciences 2011
The Max F. Perutz Laboratories (MFPL) at the Campus Vienna Biocenter were established to form a new research institute in the field of biotechnology with groups from the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna. The MFPL has a strong focus on promotion of young scientists, cooperation across the campus and other research institutes as well as companies and intends to set up central scientific services. The main aim for the MFPL to become a Center of Excellence in the Life Sciences during the next decades.  The mission of the Vienna International Post-Doctoral Training in Molecular Life Sciences (VIPS) is to offer an excellent environment to post-doctoral scientists and to support them on their way to scientific independence. The VIPS offer a broad coverage of research areas, ranging from Biochemistry, Cellular Biology, Immunobiology to Organismal Biology, Bioinformatics, Structural Biology and Neurosciences.
Data Limite: The online submission is open until 30th of June 2011 (23:59 CEST). Home Page: http://www.projects.mfpl.ac.at/vips/index.php?mid=1&smid=2&1_section=1&1_id=1&1_mode=

TWAS Support for International Scientific Meetings
The Academy of Science for the Developing World (TWAS) has been supporting scientists and institutions in developing countries through a wide range of programmes including supporting scientific meetings organized in developing countries. With funds provided by the Italian government, TWAS encourages the organization of high level international and regional scientific activities in developing countries by offering financial assistance to the organizers of conferences, workshops, symposia and special meetings held in these countries.
Grants are offered for meetings in the following fields of natural sciences: agricultural, biological, chemical, engineering, geological and medical sciences.
Data Limite:
1 June: for meetings to be held during January-June of the following year; 
1 December: for meetings to be held during July-December of the following year. 
Home Page: http://twas.ictp.it/prog/meetings/support-for-international-scientific-meetings

ESCV Travel Grants 2011
The purpose and aims of the European Society for Clinical Virology (ESCV) is together scientists and clinicians to promote Public Health and advance education, particularly medical education, in Clinical and Basic Virology. ESCV is very pleased to invite you to the 14th ESCV Annual Meeting, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, of 21-24 September 2011. This meeting will cover hot topics of clinical virology, as well as a wide range of other themes, from fundamental research to epidemiology, diagnosis, prevention and therapy, maintaining the high scientific standards of previous meetings of this Society. ESCV wishes to offer a number of travel grants to young researchers to enable them to attend this meeting.
Data Limite: Application should be submitted by e-mail at the time of abstract submission. The deadline for abstract submission is June 15, 2011. Home Page: http://www.escv.org/travel/travelGrants.asp

Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences - PhD Fellowships
The Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences is unique among peer institutions because it is integrated within a world-class medical center. The students work on the leading edge of biomedical research learning first hand how breakthroughs at the bench translate into new therapies for diseases. Applications to the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences (WCGS) are accepted in seven programs of study for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Students may apply to one of the following predoctoral programs:
4.       Molecular Biology;
5.       Neuroscience;
6.       Pharmacology;
Data Limite: December 1 is the deadline for applications. Home Page: http://weill.cornell.edu/gradschool/apply_online/index.html

DIES - Partnerships with Higher Education Institutions in Developing Countries
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the largest funding organisation in the world supporting the international exchange of students and scholars. The DAAD runs over 250 programmes, through which it funds more than 74,000 German and foreign scholars worldwide per annum. Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies (DIES), this programme area jointly developed by the DAAD and HRK aims at an international exchange of experience in matters of innovative higher education management and policy. DIES Partnerships support co-operation in university management between higher education institutions in industrialised and developing countries. 
DIES promotes dialogue on innovative strategies in higher education and fosters partnerships between German institutions and developing countries, including Brazil. Developed from a cooperation between the DAAD and the HRK (Conference of Rectors of German Universities), the DIES is funded by the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The program provides funding for training courses, events, dialogue, projects and partnerships with which higher education institutions in developing countries can align their training programs in accordance with international quality standards, and expand its research capabilities and develop competitively their organizational structures.
Data Limite: The deadline for applications within this call for proposals is the 30st of June 2011, the earliest funding will be January 2012. Home Page: http://rio.daad.de/shared/programas_especiais.htm

 ASM Infectious Disease (ID) Fellow Travel Grants
The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) is the oldest and largest single life science membership organization in the world. Membership has grown from 59 scientists in 1899 to more than 43,000 members today, with more than one third located outside the United States. The members represent 26 disciplines of microbiological specialization plus a division for microbiology educators. The Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC) Program Committee will award a limited amount of Travel Grants to support the Travel of Infectious Disease Fellows to the 51st ICAAC. The 2011 ICAAC will be held in Chicago, Illinois, September 17 - 20, 2011.
Data Limite: Letter of nomination, Application Form, and copy of abstract(s) are due July 1, 2011 (received by). Home Page: http://www.icaac.org/index.php/scientific-program/travel-grants

ASM/ICAAC Student and Post Doctoral Fellow Travel Grant
The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) is the oldest and largest single life science membership organization in the world. Membership has grown from 59 scientists in 1899 to more than 43,000 members today, with more than one third located outside the United States. The members represent 26 disciplines of microbiological specialization plus a division for microbiology educators. 
In 2005, ASM expanded opportunities for Infectious Disease Fellows and created the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC) ID Fellows Grant Program and students who submit abstracts can request travel support funds. Travel Grants are selected by the Program Committee on the basis of the scientific quality of the submitted abstracts. The 
2011 ICAAC will be held in Chicago, Illinois, September 17 - 20, 2011.
Data Limite: Letter of nomination, Application Form, and copy of abstract(s) are due July 1, 2011 (received by
Home Page: http://www.icaac.org/index.php/scientific-program/travel-grants#ASM Student and Post Doctoral Fellow Travel Grant

HIV/AIDS Implementation Science Targeting Drug Using Populations: A Collaboration with PEPFAR (R01)
This initiative solicits research to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of various models of program integration to prevent the further spread of HIV among persons who use drugs, including poly-substance users that will result in greater availability, expanded access, lower-threshold regulations facilitating use of services and reducing the burden of disease. It will support regional collaborations, across countries in the same region of the world as well as within countries (e.g., multiple provinces or cities) and among sub-populations within countries. 
This initiative is aimed at developing research and program capability such as initiating and/or scaling up capacity to capture, analyze, and disseminate data. In doing so, applicants are encouraged to leverage existing international resources. Because sustainability and country ownership of programs is a goal of PEPFAR programs, it is essential that applicants provide training to local partners/collaborators to facilitate sustainability and engage where feasible, governmental and civil society sectors.
Data Limite: Letter of Intent Due Date: July 1, 2011 
Application Due Date(s): August 1, 2011.
Home Page: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/rfa-files/RFA-DA-12-002.html

Global Infectious Disease Research Training Program (D43)
The Fogarty International Center (FIC) is dedicated to advancing the mission of the NIH by supporting and facilitating global health research conducted by U.S. and international investigators, building partnerships between health research institutions in the U.S. and abroad, and training the next generation of scientists to address global health needs.Through this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), the FIC encourages renewal and new applications for the Global Infectious Disease Research Training Program. The application must propose a collaborative research training program that will strengthen the capacity of institutions in low-and middle-income countries (LMIC) to conduct infectious disease (excluding HIV/AIDS) research. 

FIC will support research-training programs that focus on major endemic or life-threatening emerging infectious diseases, neglected tropical diseases, widespread co-infections of HIV/AIDS patients or infections associated with non-communicable disease conditions of poverty in developing countries. Please see the 
Global Health Initiative for details.
Data Limite: Next Letters of Intent Receipt Date(s): August 21, 2011 and August 21, 2012. 
Next Application Due Date(s): September 21, 2011 and September 21, 2012.
Home Page: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-10-260.html

Fomento e Infraestrutura em P&DT
Coordenação de Pesquisas -Vice-Diretoria de Pesquisas e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico
Fiocruz Bahia

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